Vision/Mission Statement


Welcome to Hubbard Media Arts Academy!

Message from the Principal, Mr. Jonathan Natividad:

As the principal at Hubbard Media Arts Academy, I believe in integrating technology into learning, supporting my school community through social-emotional learning, and showcasing the GREATNESS within all Hubbard students.

Why choose Hubbard?

Through our media arts program, students are given opportunities to be creative and collaborate as filmmakers as well as showcase their learning while integrating various media arts. Hubbard isn't just a school, but a 10-year program (TK-8th grade) built to support students through the combined efforts of our teachers, students, and parents.

School Mission:
Hubbard Media Arts Academy provides an engaging and innovative learning environment for our diverse student body. We focus on experiences that implement the use of media arts material. Our intention is to deepen their academic skills and knowledge while preparing productive citizens.


Hubbard Media Arts Academy, in partnership with the community, will provide all students with a quality education to successfully prepare them for roles as productive citizens.


Hubbard Media Arts Academy will meet or exceed the expectations of our students, parents and community by providing…

  • A safe, healthy environment for students and staff
  • The highest quality instructional resources
  • The best prepared teachers, administrators, and staff
  • A challenging curriculum and learning opportunities
  • Continuous improvement in academic achievement
  • Ongoing opportunities for developing and supporting school, family and community partnerships